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AMA & CO Holding Group


Abdulrahman Mohammed & Partners Holding Group, known as AMA & CO Holding Group, is a prestigious multinational conglomerate with a broad spectrum of investments across various industries and geographical regions. Since its founding, AMA & CO has been committed to creating long-term value and sustainable growth through strategic synergies and innovative approaches.

Core Sectors

  1. Healthcare: Investments in state-of-the-art healthcare services and technologies to enhance medical care and health solutions.
  2. Hospitality: Managing a diverse range of hospitality assets, from luxury hotels to essential services, to provide exceptional customer experiences.
  3. Services: Offering a wide array of essential services across different industries and regions, meeting diverse market demands.

The inclusion of Xynosoft in AMA & CO Holding Group's portfolio underscores the Group's commitment to advancing technological innovation and fostering sustainable growth. Together, AMA & CO and Xynosoft are poised to drive significant progress, delivering exceptional value to stakeholders and promoting a prosperous future for all. This partnership highlights AMA & CO's role as a dynamic force in the global market, leading the way in strategic investments and innovation.

Looking ahead, AMA & CO Holding Group and Xynosoft are dedicated to pursuing ambitious goals and exploring new frontiers in technology and business. By continuously integrating advanced methodologies and cutting-edge solutions, the partnership aims to drive transformative changes across industries. This forward-thinking approach not only ensures that Xynosoft remains at the forefront of digital innovation but also strengthens AMA & CO's position as a leader in fostering sustainable and impactful growth. Together, they are committed to setting new benchmarks in excellence, creating lasting value, and contributing to a brighter, more technologically advanced future for communities and businesses worldwide.